Our strategy

Our Bigger Picture strategy sets out our three main ambitions as a leading media and communications company:

  • To be an inspirational business – Whether this is through our environmentally friendly behaviour, producing and distributing the most accessible products and services or setting the standards for ways of working.
  • To inspire young people to be their best – Sky currently focus on a broad range of young people that show high-potential in sports, ocean-health and technology to provide and support their talents to flourish. We do this through Sky’s Academy Studios and three dedicated Scholarship Schemes.
  • To inspire others to take action – We aim to use the full power and scale of Sky’s voice to inspire and encourage our 23 million customers, schools, clubs, NGOs businesses and 30,000 employees to take action on the most current global issues.

These are underpinned by our strong responsible business commitments to have a positive environmental footprint, provide customers with the best experience and ensure that Sky is an inclusive employer.

Developing our Bigger Picture strategy: 

  • We listen to and learn from our people and wider stakeholders.
  • We assess the material sustainability risks to our business.
  • We identify the opportunities we have as a leading media and communications company to make a positive difference to society.

From this we build our sustainability strategy and determine our material areas of focus. We’ve aligned our strategy to the UN Sustainable Development Goals to make sure we contribute to these internationally agreed ambitions and the issues that have most impact.

Working with others

We develop The Bigger Picture strategy around our identified areas of focus to ensure we are good for our customers, our people, our partners, the environment and our communities. We put our customers at the heart of what we do and address the issues they care about most. 

We collaborate with others to help us fulfil our strategy. This includes working with:

  • Our customers and NGOs such as the Business Disability Forum to improve our products for those with accessibility needs
  • Industry bodies such as the Responsible Media Forum to identify important issues within our sector
  • Environmental organisations like WWF and Project O who share our passion for marine health.

Through these collaborations and partnerships we are able to reach even more people and raise awareness of issues like single-use plastic pollution.



Sky’s Bigger Picture Committee has responsibility for the oversight of the social, environmental and ethical impacts of the company’s activities, including approving our Bigger Picture performance update.

The committee meets twice a year and is joined by members of Sky’s Executive team who also support the strategy. Our strategy is implemented by teams in each territory, with the support of topical Steering Groups.