Responsible sourcing

Our responsible sourcing principles are embedded through our policies, risk assessments and ongoing engagement with suppliers across the group.

All new and existing suppliers, with which our annual spend is greater than £100,000, are included in our bi-annual risk assessment. It’s a process embedded across the group, to identify and address a range of environmental, social and governance risks. 

We conduct human rights, health, safety and environmental audits on tier one and two suppliers which include downstream suppliers, such as our refurbishment centre, and recyclers that dismantle our products at end-of-life. We are aware that some suppliers may conceal issues during audits, which is why we train factory visitors, engineers and managers to identify and report these problems too.

We also support our suppliers’ risk assessments across their own supply chains. This helps ensure their partners are working to our high standards – and we’re supporting them to make changes if necessary.

We’re sharing our experiences and learning from others by being part of the Responsible Business Alliance, a leading body in ethical and sustainable sourcing for electronic products, and the Responsible Minerals Initiative, which ensures minerals used in electronic products are ethically sourced.

In 2014, we signed WWF’s Sustainable Timber pledge and are publicly committed to sourcing all our wood paper from sustainably managed sources by 2020. Our wood and paper purchasing policy requires all paper and wood supplied to Sky to either be recycled or come from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC©) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) sources. We are already achieving this in the UK and Ireland and now working on ensuring this is the case across the group.

Read our responsible sourcing policy.

Human rights

Sky respects the rights and wellbeing of everyone we impact through our activities. This includes our employees and contractors, customers, viewers, people who feature in our broadcasts and programmes, workers in our supply chains and visitors to our sites and the communities around them.  

Our policies and approach to human rights are based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions. Our Responsible Sourcing Policy, Human Rights Policy and Ways of Working, clearly set out our expectations for upholding human rights and we publish our Modern Slavery Statement annually.

Our approach has evolved as our understanding of where the risks lie has increased. Our human rights steering group involves representatives from across the business whose role it is to address Sky’s salient issues and to identify opportunities for leadership. To tackle the modern slavery risks Sky identified in 2017, we established three workstreams: Corporate, Products and Production which includes Sky Entertainment, Sky News and Sky Sports. Coordination is led by the Bigger Picture team, which also feeds into a subcommittee of the board, the Bigger Picture Committee that oversees the social, environmental and ethical impacts of Sky’s activities.

We have continued our work on modern slavery by updating all our people policies across Sky to ensure our employees understand what modern slavery is, the warning signs to look for, and where to go for help if they feel someone is at risk. Our Sky Sports and Sky Entertainment teams have received training on how modern slavery can manifest in programme making and commissioning. We also have a significant focus on products and merchandise along with TV, Sports and News production teams.

Sky News continues to shine a spotlight on modern slavery, a core emphasis within its mission statement to unveil wrongdoings and tell stories of the voiceless and disempowered. You can see the coverage here.

We’re supporting independent production companies with guidance on modern slavery and are a founding member of the TV and Human Rights Working Group along with BBC and ITV, which brings together broadcasters and independent production companies to address their risks.

Read more about how we address modern slavery and human rights in our latest Modern Slavery Statement.