Sky Arts celebrates the breadth and diversity of landscapes around the UK

To celebrate Sky Art's free-to-air launch, we commissioned 38 pieces of artwork depicting beautiful and varied constituency landmarks from across the United Kingdom. Working with five finalists from our hit show Landscape Artist of the Year, and each using a different medium, we are delighted to present the collection in the online gallery below. Taken together, the 38 sites represent the diversity of landscapes and buildings across the country, and the power of art to offer new perspectives.

At Sky, we believe there has never been a more critical time to support the UK’s vibrant arts sector. We passionately believe that in making the arts accessible for all we can inspire greater participation from new and diverse audiences, whilst playing an important role in helping serve artists, galleries, theatres, music venues and cultural centres around the UK as they start to get back on their feet.

Meet the artists

The collection