A Sky News & Imperial War Museum live event- Ukraine: A Modern War

Thursday 20 October 2022

Sky News correspondents and experts look back at the past seven months in Ukraine and analyse the idea of modern warfare in a special event at the Imperial War Museum.

The event will be broadcast live on Sky News on Tuesday, 1st November from 7.30pm 

In the six months since Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, the nature of modern warfare has arguably been redefined. Broadcast live on Tuesday 1st November, Sky News and the Imperial War Museum will host a special event with correspondents from the frontline and military experts discussing the conflict in Ukraine in front of an audience of 200 people at the famous museum.

Tanks and missiles still inflict devastation on those living in the crossfire – but now drones and satellites seemingly prove just as effective. Verifying the truth has never been more important in tackling misinformation and winning hearts and minds, as wars are fought over TikTok and Telegram.

An expert panel will analyse the conflict in Ukraine as a modern war and the implications of new technology on the frontline as well as how the war is reported to the rest of the world. The panel will be chaired by Sky News presenter Mark Austin, and consist of Sky News special correspondent Alex Crawford, Sky News Defence and Security Editor Deborah Haynes, as well as military specialist and Principal Curator at the Imperial War Museum Carl Warner.

The panel will ask what lessons have been learned from the war to date? How can the region’s history give us a deeper understanding of what is unfolding today? And, as nuclear tensions rise, could this be the start of a new global conflict?

Amidst the ferocity, fear and heartache, there is no substitute for the power of eyewitness reporting in conflict. Sky News correspondents have been on the frontline throughout, giving a voice to those fighting and surviving.

Ukraine: A Modern War will be live on Sky News from 7.30pm on Tuesday, 1st November and will also be available on the Sky News YouTube channel.

Sky News is available for free on Sky, Virgin, Freeview, and YouTube.

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Sian Parry, Head of PR, Sky News