Election: Behind the scenes at Sky News

New documentary goes behind the scenes, giving the full story of Sky’s 2024 general election coverage

Monday 8 July 2024

Watch Thursday 18th July 9pm on Sky Documentaries, 10.30pm on Sky Showcase and Friday 19th July 9pm on Sky News

In an enlightening new documentary, Election: Behind the scenes at Sky News, lifts the lid on what it takes to cover one of the most consequential UK General Elections in a generation.

Sky News gives audiences the full story as they reveal how a newsroom adapts and evolves to cover such a major event, and with not much notice, after a shock summer election was called at the end of May.

Chief Presenter Kay Burley, who has covered 12 UK General Elections, and award-winning Political Editor Beth Rigby, take audiences behind the curtain of all the major electoral moments and let you in on the secrets of a TV news production in the midst of a heated battle for number 10.

The film covers the four weeks leading up to polling day on July 4th. The team gives a glimpse into the highly managed experience of a battle bus, the rigorous debate preparations ahead of Beth Rigby hosting the Sky News leadership event in Grimsby, along with highlighting the importance of journalistic integrity.

The film culminates with Election Night Live, the overnight results show which covered the historic results and the change of government which has put Keir Starmer into number 10.

Bringing together all parts of the newsroom, on the road and in the studio, Election: Behind the Scenes at Sky News, showcases what it is to be a journalist during the most anticipated political event of the year.

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