Myleene Klass and Errollyn Wallen team up for new Sky Arts series, Musical Masterpieces, coming this September

Friday 1 September 2023

Sky Arts is today announcing brand new series Musical Masterpieces (3x60) fronted by musician and presenter Myleene Klass and leading British composer Errollyn Wallen CBE. Join the musical duo as they uncover the ways in which three of our favourite classical pieces work their magic.  

Teaming up with leading orchestras from around the UK, Myleene and Errollyn present brand new performances of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons performed by Sinfonia Cymru, Bizet’s Carmen performed by Opera North and Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra. They’ll also reveal the iconic composers’ secrets and techniques as they delve into the stories behind the scores. 

Along the way they’ll be joined by some famous faces including Alan Titchmarsh, Simon Callow and Nicky Spence who share their own passion and insights on each of these masterpieces.  

Phil Edgar-Jones, Director of Sky Arts, commented: “Musical Masterpieces is a perfect Sky Arts show for aficionados and novices alike - if you love the pieces Myleene and Errollyn are diving into you’re sure to find something new and interesting; if you’re less familiar with this beautiful music it’s the perfect voyage of discovery into some truly magical worlds.” 

Presenter, Myleene Klass, commented: “Some melodies feel like they’ve been with us forever, like part of the furniture, so it’s easy to forget what their origins are, the stories behind them, why the composers were compelled to write them.  I’ve loved working on this series, discovering and rediscovering with Errollyn. I’m certain even those familiar with these pieces will discover something new and those just coming to classical music will be enthralled by the stories, and in some cases, the science behind them.”  

Presenter, Errollyn Wallen, commented: “Making this series was a joy from start to finish. Myleene and I relished the journey into re-discovering these great works and I can’t wait to share our many insights with the viewers.” 

Musical Masterpieces is commissioned by Phil Edgar-Jones, Director of Sky Arts, for Zai Bennett, MD of Content UK&I. The Commissioning Editor for Sky is Barbara Lee. Musical Masterpieces is co-produced by Full Fat TV and The Space.

Notes to Editors 

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All TX dates mentioned are subject to change.  

TX 1: The Four Seasons, 25 September, 8pm  

Myleene and Errollyn explore The Four Seasons, Antonio Vivaldi’s famous set of violin concertos. Featuring a special performance by Welsh orchestra Sinfonia Cymru. 

TX 2: Carmen, 2 October, 8pm 

Myleene and Errollyn explore Carmen, Georges Bizet’s much-loved but controversial opera. Featuring special performances from leading British opera company, Opera North. 

TX 3: The Hebrides Overture, 9 October, 8pm 

Myleene and Errollyn explore Felix Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture, also known as Fingal’s Cave. Featuring a special performance from leading British orchestra the Philharmonia Orchestra. 

Additional quotes 

Fiona Morris, Chief Executive and Creative Director of The Space said: “Musical Masterpieces is a fantastic series featuring contemporary performances from some of the UK’s most innovative performing groups. Each programme takes the audience on a journey with the performers exploring a well-known classical work and discovering the often unknown and fascinating history behind them. The Space was delighted to join forces with Full Fat TV and Sky Arts, who will bring them to screens this autumn. 

Colette Foster, CEO Full Fat TV said: “Making the series has been a magical musical experience - from the unique performances we filmed to the blossoming of a new onscreen team.  Myleene Klass and Errollyn Wallen have forged a special partnership through their expert knowledge and passion for each of the musical masterpieces.  We’re hugely proud to have introduced them to each other and delighted to be sharing their fresh perspective on pieces of music you may think you know but will know all the better for watching the series.  With huge thanks to The Space and Sky Arts for inviting us to be part of this collaboration.”