Sky announce new syndication partnership with MultiChoice Group

Thursday 22 September 2022

Sky’s Glass TV product and experience will be made available to customers in South Africa

MultiChoice Group (MCG), South Africa’s leading entertainment and services platform, will become Sky’s second global syndication partner for its Glass offering.

The syndication partnership will allow MCG to offer its customers an even better way to connect to the content they love, including:

  • Glass panels: a range of 4K HDR TVs with integrated sound bar featuring Dolby Atmos will be available to MCG’s customers in a range of sizes and colours
  • Content experience: Glass offers a world-class streaming aggregation product that will include the collation and search functionality across MCG’s own content and third-party apps. This content experience will be available on Glass panels as well as a range of other MultiChoice devices.
  • Stunning quality: Glass 4k Ultra HD Quantum Dot screen delivers a crystal-clear picture, producing over a billion colours. Voice search allows you to talk to your TV making finding what you want to watch as easy as possible.

This agreement with MCG follows the launch of Sky Glass in UK in 2021, then Ireland and Italy in 2022. MCG will be Sky’s second Glass syndication partner, following the partnership with Australian pay television company, Foxtel, announced last year.

Sky Glass is powered by Comcast’s global technology platform that also serves its North America partners Rogers, Cox, Shaw and Videotron.

Andrea Zappia, EVP & CEO New Markets and Businesses, Sky commented: “Following a very successful launch in the UK, Ireland and Italy, we are thrilled that Glass will be coming to South Africa via Sky’s partnership with MultiChoice. This is the second international syndication agreement following Foxtel, and Sky’s strategy to grow our international footprint will continue to expand.

“Glass is a world-class content and app aggregation platform that makes finding content easy, with voice search and intelligent recommendations.”

Calvo Mawela, CEO Multichoice Group, said: “We are truly excited about the syndication partnership with Sky and Comcast, and what it means for our customers. We understand that providing world-leading content must come through an exceptional customer experience. This syndication partnership highlights our drive to put the needs of customers at the core of what we do, through both the bolstering of the customers viewing experience as well as demand for streaming aggregation.”

The streaming TV from Sky is built on technology developed through collaboration as part of the Comcast Corporation, using the same operating system and a result of shared knowledge and expertise across the company.