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It started with a trip to Sky Academy Studios. A chance to go behind the scenes, to get to grips with the cameras, and present from behind a Sky desk.

But ever since she set foot backstage, Aashika has been obsessed with becoming a news reader. Now she’s documenting everything from the family breakfast to her little brother’s haircut.

It’s this creativity that Sky Academy was built to inspire. Since its launch in 2012, it’s opened the minds of over 166,000 children, developing their curiosity, collaboration and communication and providing an experience they might never have accessed.

Giving young people, just like Aashika, the belief they can have a future in film and TV.

Spreading the Word

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Poetry is undeniably personal. For spoken word artists like Sarah Callaghan it’s a collection of intimate feelings. Of love, of loss. Of thoughts found around the city and tapped into a phone’s notes.

Performing, too, is personal. Poets need somewhere they feel comfortable expressing themselves. Spaces where they can be totally vulnerable.

Sky Arts provides this positive place. The now free-to-air channel gives undiscovered talent a stage on which they can shine. Original shows, such as Life and Rhymes, focus the spotlight on the diverse voices of Britain, inspiring artists and audiences to share in the emotions we all experience.

No matter who we are. No matter where we come from.

All with the belief that everyone deserves a platform to be seen and heard.

New Innings

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Like countless families up and down the country, the Patels have always found it tricky to get the kids off the computer and out of the house. 

So when Dynamos Cricket Intros came along, they grabbed the opportunity with both hands. In partnership with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), the free courses give young people the chance to learn and fall in love with a sport they might not ordinarily connect with. 

On top of helping them build skills, make new friends, and (finally) run off a bit of steam. 

All of which comes from our belief that every child deserves the same opportunity to play sport.

To Hear A Smile

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Having spent most of her life serving locals from behind a bar, Barbara was never short of people to talk to. But these days are quieter than they used to be.

That’s why our befriending service couldn’t be more important right now. Giving back to our older customers, in need of a little company, with a friendly voice to talk to. For Barbara, that’s Gary.

Through their weekly chat, the pair soon realised just how much they had in common, and what began as a quick call has become a lasting friendship.

And theirs is just one of thousands of conversations we’ll have in the next year. Small moments which provide the belief we can help tackle loneliness.