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Better business

We’ve been transforming the media and entertainment industry for 30 years. We reach 120 million people across Europe. We have 31,000 brilliant colleagues at Sky and we work with 11,000 suppliers across the world. We believe the way we do business has a big impact on everyone. So we’re always looking for new ways to do the right thing for our customers, our people, our partners and the world.

Our customers

The best service. The highest editorial standards. The strongest privacy protections. And products that are safe, easy and enjoyable to use. It’s the least we can do for our customers.

Our people

We have over 34,000 talented colleagues across Europe. We’re making Sky a great workplace for everyone – a place where we can all do the best work of our lives.

Our suppliers

Without our suppliers we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. We’re committed to great partnerships, respecting and protecting the rights of everyone we work with.

Our environmental impact

We have to act on the environment to protect our world and our business over the long-term. So we’re taking a bold position. We’ve set out to become net zero carbon by 2030. We’re pushing ourselves to transform. And we’re using our reach and our voice to make a difference.

Sharing what we learn

In 2017, we set out to remove all single-use plastic from our business and supply chain by 2020. We’re using our voice to campaign for change, working with WWF to inspire action on ocean pollution. And our Sky Ocean Ventures fund has invested millions to support innovative alternatives to single-use plastic.

We’re sharing our knowledge to help others take action. Find out more by downloading our reports.

Contributing to culture

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