At Sky, we go beyond the screen to bring you the Bigger Picture. We are inspiring more people to people to participate in sport, at any level, creating new opportunities for young people to express themselves and taking positive action to drive change on major issues in the world today. We strive to create a better world now and for the next generation.
We believe in better

We believe in better

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Developing our Bigger Picture strategy:

  • We listen to and learn from our people and wider stakeholders.
  • We assess the material sustainability risks to our business.
  • We identify the opportunities we have as a leading media and communications company to make a positive difference to society.

From this we build our sustainability strategy and determine our material areas of focus.

Our strategy

  • We use our voice to inspire more people to participate in sport, at any level.
  • We create new opportunities for young people to express themselves through storytelling.
  • We take positive action to drive change on major issues of importance to our people and customers.

This is underpinned by our strong responsible business commitments to have a positive environmental footprint, provide customers with the best experience and ensure that Sky is an inclusive employer.

Making our business successful for the long term

Seeing the bigger picture is an integral part of how we create value alongside:

Investing for the long term – We invest over the long term because we want to build a business that is durable. This means ensuring that we create the conditions for sustainable success while also delivering results in the short term.

Driving efficiency – We underpin everything that we do with a rigorous focus on operating efficiency. By ensuring that we have an efficient and agile operating model, we consistently drive down costs to allow us to invest more where customers see greatest value.

Investing in our people – We invest in our people because we recognise that their talent and commitment is critical to our success. We aim to foster a culture which encourages our people to fulfil their potential and to strive for continual improvement in all that they do enabling us all to achieve great things together.