Sky WiFi launches in Italy transforming broadband connections

Tuesday 16 June 2020

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Sky WiFi was created to meet families’ needs.

It delivers outstanding, stable connectivity - delivering a new broadband experience.

Sky WiFi optimises streaming quality and content upload at any time of the day and runs on Sky’s Ultra Network, taking full advantage of Open Fiber’s FTTH.

It offers a unique triple play solution that includes rich, quality content on Sky Q.

Sky WiFi is immediately available to Sky subscribers in 26 of Italy’s major cities and will reach 120 towns by the end of summer. In future it will also be available to those who are not current Sky subscribers.

Milan, June 16 - The launch of Sky WiFi marks a new stage in the company’s history. From today, Sky’s ultra broadband service will be available to Sky subscribers in 26 Italian cities and large municipalities including Milan, Turin, Genoa, Florence, Bologna, Venice, Bari, Naples, Catania, Palermo, Cagliari.

Sky WiFi is an innovative triple play solution – tv, internet and voice – that combines high quality content, Sky Q’s best viewing experience and a high-performing fibre connection.

Sky WiFi optimises streaming quality and content upload at any time of the day, regardless of peak user periods and with numerous devices connected simultaneously. It runs on a brand-new, cutting edge, pure fibre infrastructure, designed by a team of over 200 engineers. The pioneering network was developed and delivered thanks to Comcast and Sky UK’s technological expertise.

The Sky Ultra Network delivers excellent speed and stability and takes full advantage of Open Fibre’s “last mile” FTTH to subscribers’ homes. Thanks to the Sky WiFi Hub, the smart hub based on Comcast’s technology, the signal reaches every room of the house evenly and consistently. In addition, the Sky WiFi App will allow customers to manage many features in an easy and intuitive way.

The new service offers a safe and personalised system, designed around families’ needs and features compatibility with smart homes.

Sky’s entry into the broadband market in Italy is the natural next step in technological convergence. The increasing take up of broadband is largely driven by the availability of high quality video content and is a huge incentive for customers demanding high performing, reliable internet connections. This is particularly true for Sky families who, thanks to Sky Q, regularly enjoy full Sky content via the internet.

"This is an important step both for our company and for our Sky customers."
Maximo Ibarra

Chief Executive Officer, Sky Italia

“This is an important step both for our company and for Sky families. And we are very proud of it” comments Maximo Ibarra, CEO of Sky Italia. “We have made an important investment in creating Sky WiFi, because we believe that technology is key to innovation and connecting people to all the content they love. And this is exactly what we want to do with Sky WiFi, a truly stable and high performing pure fibre connection that gives our customers the opportunity to have a real Hub at home. A Hub that offers all the best in one solution alongside Sky’s content and Sky Q’s unmatched viewing experience. This is our way of improving people's day-to day lives as well as making a significant contribution to the spread of ultra-broadband connections in Italy, which – as we have clearly seen during this emergency period – are truly essential."


Sky’s Ultra Network can smartly modulate bandwidth capacity and expand it according to the data traffic. The direct interconnection with the main content providers and OTT services providers allows streaming video content to run on Sky’s network with the highest quality and stability possible. Furthermore, its streamlined architecture designed with a reduced number of joints - the so-called PoP - allows customers to make the most of Open Fiber's FTTH with reduced energy consumption.

Thanks to a wholesale agreement signed with Open Fiber, Sky's Ultra Network connects with OF's FTTH infrastructure, allowing Sky WiFi to reach 26 of the main Italian towns at launch and more than 120 by the summer, thus covering most of the Italian capitals and 5 large districts in Rome.

Furthermore, Comcast’s smart Hub ensures an excellent signal all over the house allowing customers to fully exploit its extraordinary full potential.

Therefore, Sky WiFi optimises the quality and the performance of the fibre connection at all levels.


The Sky WiFi Hub creates an ecosystem that allows all family members to use multiple devices simultaneously – TV, computer, tablet, smartphone, games console - even at peak times and with all the bandwidth needed to download and view content or to play online.

Its algorithm processes data in real time from devices in the household ensuring a fluid browsing experience in every corner of the house, minimising structural barriers and external interferences as well as automatically self-adjusting to ensure the best signal coverage.

Furthermore, thanks to the Sky WiFi app, customers can manage and personalise their ultra-broadband network. It is like having a “remote control” on their smartphones. Through this app, users can create a profile for each member of the family, pause WiFi or schedule a WiFi switch off on devices linked to one profile as well as activating the Parental Controls to block unsuitable content for minors.

Customers may also easily change the password at any time. This allows quick and easy set up for devices without having to re-enter the initial password several times.

Last but not least, the Sky WiFi Hub delivers an excellent signal in very large homes or on multiple floors thanks to Sky WiFi Pods. These devices, which are more than simple "extenders", enable customers to use Sky WiFi anywhere, creating a "mesh" network throughout the home.


Sky WiFi offers three different solutions featuring clear pricing without constraints or hidden costs.

The first is the “Smart” package that provides 100% fibre connection, the Sky WiFi Hub and the Sky WiFi App for 29,90 per month + a €49,00 one off activation cost. Voice service on consumption.

The second is the “Ultra WiFi” package, designed for very large homes or houses with multiple floors that need the mesh network created by the Sky WiFi Pods in combination with the Sky WiFi Hub to cover the whole home. “Ultra WiFi” is 32,90 per month + a €99,00 one off activation cost. Voice service on consumption.

The “Ultra Plus” package is designed for customers who wish to add unlimited national calls to landlines and mobile phones and costs 37,90 per month + €99,00 a one off activation cost.

Sky subscribers who wish to add Sky WiFi will enjoy a dedicated offer at launch. For the first three months the activation cost for the Smart package will be included in the price. At launch, the activation cost of the "Ultra" and "Ultra Plus" packages will be €50, instead of €99.

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