Election Night Live on Sky News

Thursday 23 May 2024
  • Kay Burley and Sophy Ridge confirmed to lead Sky’s coverage in upcoming UK General Election
  • They will be joined by Beth Rigby, Trevor Phillips, Ed Conway and Sam Coates
  • Andy Burnham and Ruth Davidson to provide expert analysis
  • Available for free, wherever you get your news

Get the full story, first in the upcoming UK General Election with Sky News’ political team and special guests from a state-of-art studio.

Chief Presenter Kay Burley will anchor Election Night Live, the overnight results programme, from a 360-degree immersive studio normally used by Sky Sports shows like Monday Night Football.

Kay, who will be covering her 12th UK General Election, will be joined by award-winning Political Editor Beth Rigby, Sunday show presenter Sir Trevor Phillips, and data and economics editor Ed Conway.

Mayor of Greater Manchester, and former Labour MP, Andy Burnham will join former MSP and Leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Baroness Ruth Davidson, to provide guest analysis.

Professor Michael Thrasher will lead Sky News psephology team, as he has at every election since 1989. 

From 7am the following day, Lead Politics Presenter Sophy Ridge, host of Sky’s Politics Hub, will be live from Westminster bringing viewers every development as the election result is absorbed and plans for the next government are made. Sophy will be joined by Deputy Political Editor Sam Coates and Sky News contributor Adam Boulton across what will be a historic day, as the nation awaits the next Prime Minister.

Audiences will be able to find out what’s really happening, first, with Sky News reporters and cameras at election counts up and down the UK revealing the dramatic results and hearing from candidates from across the political spectrum.

David Rhodes, Executive Chairman, Sky News: “We saw a tremendous response to our coverage of this month’s local elections—and we’ll have much, much more to offer at this UK General Election, with the most experienced team, plus the most comprehensive data and analysis, presented online and on TV from the most state-of-the-art studio in the country.  Our political team is the best in the business—Kay, Sophy, Beth, Trevor, Ed, Sam, and more are ready to bring audiences the full story, first.”

Making use of the studio’s expansive arena-shaped space, Ed Conway will examine the live data on the massive canvas of an LED floor and walls, giving pioneering election analysis that will dig into the facts and figures.

The Sky News team will take viewers through the key results on the night, making use of this new technology to explain the polling data from every angle, offering viewers the full story on the night.

Plus, there will be an exciting way to reveal the exit poll and winner of the race for No. 10 with an immersive to-scale AR Downing Street.

More details on Sky News election night and campaign coverage, podcasts and special programming to follow.

Award-winning journalists

Kay Burley, Chief Presenter: “This will be my 12th UK general election. I'm as committed to top rate, fast, accurate coverage in 2024 as I was when Margaret Thatcher became PM in 1979.”

Sophy Ridge, Lead Politics Presenter: “As a political obsessive, elections are like Christmas for me - but this one could be even more of a blockbuster than usual. We could be waking up to a very different country the morning after - with a new mandate and manifesto to solving the substantial problems the United Kingdom faces - so along with the chaos and excitement I’ll have my eye on what it means for all of us. At Sky News we’ll be covering the news rollercoaster minute by minute and hour by hour (and there will be many hours!) and I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with you.” 

Beth Rigby, Political Editor: This is set to be an epochal, history-making election whoever wins. If Keir Starmer wins an outright majority, it will be largest ever uniform swing in UK election history. And if Sunak is victorious, that will be five Conservative election wins on the bounce, the most for any party in modern times and a record-breaking comeback for a Prime Minister 20 points behind in the polls. So whatever happens, it will be a thrilling night with big implications for all of us. Kay Burley, Trevor Phillips, Ed Conway and I will take you through every single twist and turn as the results come in overnight and unpack what it all means. Don’t miss a moment with Sky News.”

Sir Trevor Phillips, Presenter: Election night will be awash with data - but our team will bring you insight - history, context and depth. We’ll be your companion through the night and the days after - and you’ll be the smartest person in any room that talks politics. This could be only the third time in half a century that power has changed hands in Britain - and if it does it will be the first time that any Briton under thirty- five will have voted in an election that resulted in a non-Tory government. This election will be momentous.”

Sam Coates, Deputy Political Editor: “It's clear the United Kingdom is on the cusp of major change whatever the outcome of this year's general election, and Sky News will be there telling you the full story, first - for free - throughout. What voters want, who will deliver for them, and how life will change after millions mark their polling card - Sky News will follow every twist and turn. We offer unrivalled depth, believe we are the best connected in the business and draw on decades of experience, and all of which means Sky News is unafraid to ask the difficult questions our views want.” 

Ed Conway, Data and Economics Editor: “I’m more excited about this election than any other – and not just because it could be such a seismic political moment. We’ve got more surprising, exciting and data-rich ways of telling this story than ever before. We plan to be the fastest, smartest, most gimmick-free channel on election night (and the aftermath). I hope you’ll join us – it’ll be a blast (and not just for the geeks like me).”

Expert analysis

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester: “I’m very much looking forward to joining the Sky team for the general election night coverage. It will be a different experience for me to be able to join the analysis of the results rather than just worrying about my own. Having been involved in the 1997 General Election at Labour HQ and then as a Minister in later elections, I hope to be able to bring a fresh view of what will face an incoming government.”

Ruth Davidson, Former MSP and Leader of the Scottish Conservatives: "Every election night is made up of a number of different stories. What happens in Scotland is undoubtedly going to be one of them. Over a decade on the political front line North of the border means I'll be able to analyse and interpret the results as they come in for viewers right across the UK."


Sian.Parry@sky.uk,  Head of PR, Sky News

Mim.Pippard@sky.uk, PR Lead, Sky News