It’s written in the stars – NOW TV officially appoints top astrologers Russell Grant and Francesca Oddie to forecast your Christmas and 2020 TV shows, sport and film mood matches

Wednesday 27 November 2019

With over two thirds (67%) of Brits believing mood determines what TV/films we watch, and nearly 90% find discovering favourite content by fate or chance, NOW TV has turned to the stars of the stars, appointing Russell Grant and Francesca Oddie as their astrological advisers

The inability to find something to watch that matches our mood is the number one reason (31%) Brits have such a hard time choosing TV shows, sports or film, according to new research released today by streaming service NOW TV. In fact, deciding on our nightly viewing can be time consuming, on average we spend at least eight minutes flicking through shows choosing what to watch.

But NOW TV believes that from Catherine the Great to The Wire, Bohemian Rhapsody to Mary Poppins Returns, there is something for everyone to watch and enjoy, whatever their mood.

49% of those surveyed said that if an astrologer helped them to decide what to watch via their sun sign, they would give their recommendation a go…. So, to help puzzled Brits solve their viewing conundrum, NOW TV’s astrological duo Russell and Francesca have forecasted our essential Christmas viewing, devised our Sun-Signs definitive 2020 guide and will be providing monthly mood insights throughout 2020.

Russell Grant, TV personality and newly appointed Mood Matcher at NOW TV says: “Astrology is all about choice - I’ve delved into the signs and the transits and rulership of the planets to help me deliver a variety of different programmes and films to match the different moments and moods to help viewers to choose what to watch to according to their sun sign.”

Francesca Oddie, Astrologer, who has provided the NOW TV moon phase projections, comments: “The cycle of the moon influences our lives more than we might realise, so I don’t find it surprising nearly 90% of people find they discover some of their favourite content by fate/chance. This is the moon pointing us in the right direction and us choosing to follow it = when we do this it rarely ends in disappointment.”

By deciphering planet alignments, moon phases and the effects these celestial movements have on our mood, NOW TV viewers can now base their choice on the stars, as well as the TV highlights pages!

For example, as we head into December, Sagittarius season is getting in full swing. As Jupiter moves through the sign, it brings feelings of joy and playfulness. Jupiter is a happy planet that puts us in the mood for some festive feel good viewing, like A Muppets Christmas Carol or Mary Poppins Returns.

Your Sun Signs Essential Christmas Mood Matches:


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Notes to editors

**NOW TV commissioned a survey of 2,000 people with OnePoll

Top 5 Genre/Mood matches

• Comedy when they’re happy (50%)

• Documentaries when they feel inquisitive (30%)

• Action when they feel energetic (27%)

• Romance when they feel weepy (24%)

• Thriller when they feel energetic (16%)

Top 5 Genre/Company matches

• Comedy with their children (23%)

• Action with their partner (15%)

• Romance alone (13%)

• Documentaries alone (11%)

• Thrillers with their partner (10%)

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