MAYDAY MAYDAY! It’s official - May 1 is the day Brits call it quits on their bad relationships according to new research

Wednesday 1 May 2024

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Millions of Brits will be ending relationships today ahead of the warmer summer season

  • The majority (63%) of Brits believe May is the best month to break up with a partner and almost a third (30%) plan to do it on the 1st day of the month
  • Seven in 10 Brits (73%) say spring is the optimal season to start a fresh ahead of the summer
  • Half of Brits (56%) are prepared to terminate a relationship by text, citing avoiding confrontation (46%) as the top reason for putting off a breakup
  • Toxic friends, old photos, and unsuitable partners – the top 20 things in life that Brits are slow to move on from - revealed! 
  • Research commissioned by Sky Mobile as they partner with Casanova TV star, Pete Wicks, as a ‘break up consultant’, to help the public dump their mobile network for something better with a simple text-to-switch

A new report out today has revealed that May 1 is the most popular day of the year for breaking up. 

Nearly seven in ten (69%) cite May as the best month to end a relationship ahead of the warmer summer months. Three in 10 Brits (30%) say the 1st day of the month is the best time to break up with someone, as it gives them a clean break at the start of the month. 

The study of 2,000 Brits, commissioned by Sky Mobile, found that just under three-quarters (73%) say spring is the optimal season to start a fresh, so to kick start the season of new beginnings, Sky Mobile is offering some switch-worthy savings for customers throughout May. 

As the weather warms up, six in 10 (63%) of those of surveyed agree that summer is the best season to be single, versus eight in 10 who say they’re more likely to be in a relationship in the winter months.  

Over half of respondents (55%) said they have experienced being dumped in the months leading up to the summer, with 86% admitting that they’d like to be more ‘carefree’ in the warmer months. 

Half of Brits (56%) are prepared to terminate a relationship by text, citing avoiding confrontation (46%), nervousness around speaking face-to-face or on the phone (42%) and the ease of cutting contact (24%) as their reasons for avoiding those awkward phone calls. 

But most Brits are far less decisive, as 68% say they would stay in a relationship even if it was unhappy to avoid having to go through with a breakup, with one in five (20%) admitting they have been stuck in an unhappy relationship for over a year. 

Just under three-quarters (72%) admit that they dither rather than face up to their partner and have a conversation, with 77% admitting they would be more likely to break up with someone over text if it was guilt free. 

The study by Sky Mobile also found that Brits struggle to make changes in other areas and relationships in their lives such as ending toxic friendships (37%), getting rid of old photos and souvenirs (27%) and chucking out rarely worn clothes or jewellery (27%). 

As well as being slow to get rid of unsuitable partners (26%), Brits also typically take a long time to; switch their mobile phone network (16%), switch their bank accounts to more favourable financial providers (12%), and cancelling gym memberships that are rarely used (7%). 

TOP 20 things in life that Brits are slow to move on from: 

  1. Toxic friends (37%) 
  2. Old photos and souvenirs (27%) 
  3. Rarely worn clothes or jewellery (27%) 
  4. Unsuitable partners (26%) 
  5. Old mobile phones, charges, and laptops (16%) 
  6. Mobile phone networks (15%) 
  7. Old children’s toys (14%) 
  8. Old bills and paperwork (14%) 
  9. Books and magazines never read (13%) 
  10. Old school and college work (13%) 
  11. Home that has been outgrown (13%) 
  12. Unused kitchen gadgets (13%) 
  13. Childhood teddy (12%) 
  14. Low interest bank accounts (12%) 
  15. Music never listened to (11%) 
  16. Subscriptions for things you don’t use that auto-renew (11%) 
  17. Beauty products that aren’t quite right (10%) 
  18. Hated gifts or presents (9%) 
  19. Old furniture (8%) 
  20. Gym memberships that are never used (7%) 

 The research comes as Sky Mobile enlists famed lothario Pete Wicks as the brand’s ‘break up consultant’ who shares his tips on how to conduct the ‘perfect’ split ahead of a summer of freedom, in a Saltburn inspired tongue-in-cheek film. 

The reality TV star, who describes himself as ‘Cupid’s Nemesis’ in the film and shows off a new ‘heartbreaker’ face ink, guides the public on how easy it is to ditch their costly and inflexible mobile network by text, so they can move on to something better with Sky Mobile.

Sky Mobile’s ‘breakup consultant’, Pete Wicks said: “Don’t worry everyone, I’m only breaking the hearts of mobile networks this summer. Cutting the cord can be hard, but when breaking up with your mobile network it’s all over with a text. Trust me it’s no hassle and no drama. No love lost - this summer is all about you moving on to something better.”

Amber Pine, Managing Director of Sky Connectivity said: “The first of May symbolises new beginnings and fresh starts. Just as Brits get ready for a summer of fun, it’s the perfect time to text-to-switch to something better for you. Sky Mobile is all about flexibility and freedom, we’re the only network that lets you change your plan and your phone to suit you.”

Despite 15% of Brits being slow to move on from their mobile provider, two in five (41%) have admitted they’re looking to break up with their network.  When looking for a new mobile phone contract, over eight in ten (87%) prioritise flexibility with 86% looking for the freedom to change their data plans to their usage and 69% looking for contracts that offer the ability to switch mobile devices mid-contract.

Sky Mobile is offering the public a break-up worthy range of deals throughout May, saving customers up to half price on selected data plans *. Sky Mobile’s Mix benefit means it’s the only network that easily lets you make your data plan bigger and smaller to suit you and Swap lets you upgrade on any plan, to any device.  

To switch, all you need to do is text PAC to 65075 to get your switching code.

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