Sky announces Entertainment OS, the system supporting Sky Glass & Sky Stream, as well as new updates for an even smarter experience

Monday 17 October 2022

One year ago, we launched Sky Glass, the TV that keeps getting smarter. Sky Stream is the latest addition to the Glass platform and is the new, easy way to get the Sky Glass experience on any TV.  

The platform is powered by Sky’s Entertainment Operating System, which is regularly updated to ensure the viewing experience keeps getting even smarter for our Sky Glass and Sky Stream customers. 

There are lots of exciting updates coming soon to Entertainment OS, including improvements to Playlist, smart features like Bluetooth connectivity, and Sky Glass picture quality updates that’ll deliver higher contrast, brightness & colour accuracy. These picture updates are rolling out on Sky Glass’s newly titled Aurora Display.  

Picture Quality 

Coming before Christmas:

  • We’re updating local dimming to provide higher contrast and brightness which will be rolled out to all Sky Glass TVs
  • We’ve recently added Vivid Mode in the 'Options' menu, introducing a visually ‘punchier’ picture with higher levels of contrast and colour saturation – giving more ‘pop’ to the colours
  • Both of these additions to the Sky Glass Aurora Display will improve customers’ complete viewing experience across live, on demand and all apps, so they can enjoy movies as they’re supposed to look, and sport like they’re actually there.

Playlist, Continue Watching & Showpages

Available now:

  • Part way through something on Amazon Prime Video? No need to open the app to resume playing, you can now quickly see how far you are into an episode or film, straight from the Glass UI, as a blue progress bar will be at the bottom of the image tile, so you can play from where you left off

Coming soon

  • Playlist will move further up on the homepage so it’s really quick to get to. It’ll be the first choice on your category rail
  • Continue Watching will be introduced as a new rail on the homepage, so it’s even easier to jump to what you were last watching, whether it’s the latest thriller or last episode of your soap
  • And, you can forget scrolling through every episode and series on a showpage, as you'll see the most recent episode of TV shows or latest sporting events first   
  • All your Playlist rails will now be ordered by most recent, plus we’re introducing a ‘Most Recent’ rail, at the top that’ll display all your most recent shows, so you can get to new content and episodes quickly.
  • Enjoy tailored recommendations based on your recently watched TV shows and movies, with the new ‘because you watched’ rail
  • Personalised lists, so you and your household can add content to your own dedicated Playlists. Whether you’re a sports buff or reality TV fan, create your very own watchlist from apps and channels, both live and on demand, to enjoy whenever you’re ready to watch. Making your Sky Glass Platform experience even more personalised
  • Got a favourite star that you simply have to watch in every film or show they’ve been in? Soon you’ll see an ‘Actors rail’ in showpages, so you can have more choice of picking what to watch

Other ways the Sky Glass Platform is getting smarter

Coming before the end of the year:

  • Bluetooth connectivity – you’ll be able to listen to Sky Glass with a set of headphones, so you can enjoy content without disturbing others
  • If you can’t find your remote control, don’t worry, just say “Hello Sky, where’s my remote” and it will start to beep
  • Tune to Sky Sports Main Event channel for the biggest sporting events and we’ll automatically swap you to our new dedicated UHD HDR channels, so you can watch in the best quality for an even better experience - if you have the UHD HDR pack

Making the Platform even more accessible

Available now:

  • Sign language flagging, making signed content easier to find

Coming soon next year:

  • Voice Guidance, making it easier for customers with a sight impairment to find the content they love