Sky celebrates contribution of women to sport, entertainment and news on International Women’s Day

Sunday 8 March 2020

Today, on International Women’s Day, Sky is celebrating new initiatives across sport, entertainment and news that put a spotlight on women’s experiences.

Sky has announced that it is showcasing live women’s sport including the Women’s Six Nations, Women’s National Basketball Association and the Netball Superleague to brand new audiences via Sky Sports YouTube channel. Making women’s sport available digitally will allow even more people to engage with some of the world’s best female athletes.

Customers will be able to watch a new documentary film called ‘This Changes Everything’ which is led by Geena Davis and talks about the influence of women in film. Sky Cinema will also featuring a pop-up called Women in Film from 2nd March to 8th March. Customers will be able to watch 50+ titles that celebrate the work of women in film.

Sky News is planning three features with a focus on violence and abuse against women in South America with a focus on Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

“It’s always important to highlight women’s contribution to sport, entertainment and news, especially on International Women’s Day. Young women and girls need to see role models they can look up to on their screens – whether they be sporting heroes or superheroes.”

Debbie Klein

Group Chief Marketing, Corporate Affairs and People Officer at Sky

Notes to Editors

Sky publishes its on-screen and off-screen gender split for its entertainment content as part of the Creative Diversity Network’s Diamond report.

For further information:

Dale Bihari, Senior Corporate Communications Manager, Sky / 07866 896512

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