Sky News Documentaries: Myanmar, The Last Hospital: 30 Days in Myanmar with Stuart Ramsay

TXing Wednesday 20 September at 9pm on Sky Documentaries and on Thursday 21 September at 9pm on Sky News

Wednesday 13 September 2023

In a new Sky News documentary, chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay and his crew take audiences on a month-long undercover mission embedded at the epicentre of Myanmar’s secretive resistance movement.

The Last Hospital: 30 Days in Myanmar goes to the heart of a jungle battleground in one of the most closed off countries in the world. Following a two-year campaign to gain access to the rebels, Ramsay’s team provides unprecedented insight into the resilience of the resistance fighters and the hidden horrors they face.

From medics desperately working in the jungle by torchlight to avoid risk of attack, to scenes depicting undeniable evidence of war crimes, viewers will witness the harrowing realities of fighting an oppressive military regime from footage that is supporting ongoing investigations into human right’s abuses by the Myanmar government.

Stuart Ramsay, Sky News’ chief correspondent and winner of the Royal Television Society’s TV Journalist of the Year, said: “The civilians of Myanmar are fighting a brutal civil war, one that remains hidden by its government. Following relentless bombing and strategic eradication of medical facilities, this hospital is quite literally the lifeblood of the resistance movement. It’s a stark representation of the plight of the medics, volunteers, and thousands of civilians who risk their lives every day to be part of the resistance movement.”

Jonathan Levy, managing director and executive editor at Sky News, commented: “The journey of Stuart and his team underpins exactly why Sky News continues to invest in eye-witness journalism at a time when others scale back. Our reporters are usually the first and sometimes only team on the ground, dedicated to taking audiences to the heart of a story. Reporting is difficult and often dangerous, but there’s no better way to uncover the truth.” 

The Last Hospital: 30 Days in Myanmar will air on Wednesday 20 September at 9pm on Sky Documentaries and on Thursday 21 September at 9pm on Sky News (Freeview channel 233). It will also stream on the Sky News website, App and YouTube channel, available around the world.

The documentary follows a series of special reports from Sky News in July this year, which unveiled how Myanmar has been torn apart by a civil war that has seen thousands of civilians killed by the military regime since it seized power in 2021. 

Sky News’ coverage from Myanmar is available to watch on the Sky News YouTube channel and across the Sky News website, app and social media channels.

Notes to Editors

Please note, The Last Hospital: 30 Days in Myanmar includes images of serious injuries and dead bodies that some viewers may find distressing.