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Tuesday 28 May 2024

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The Politics Hub 

This energetic hour of political news is going seven days a week, bringing audiences a daily digest of how everything on the campaign trail unfolds. At 7pm every night, expect lives from around the country, interviews and analysis with the people and parties vying for votes from Sky’s award-winning team including Sophy Ridge, Beth Rigby and Sam Coates.

Every night at 7-8pm - Sophy Ridge hosts Monday-Thursday, Ali Fortescue Thursday-Sunday from May 28th.

Sunday Morning with Trevor Phillips

Stock up on political insight and analysis by joining award-winning broadcaster Trevor Phillips at 8.30am every Sunday. Setting the political agenda, Trevor speaks to high profile names and delves deep into the big stories, harnessing the expertise of a panel of guests to react to what’s been said.

Sundays 8.30-10am.

Election Night Live

Chief Presenter Kay Burley will anchor Election Night Live, the overnight results programme, from a 360-degree immersive studio normally used by Sky Sports shows like Monday Night Football.

Andy Burnham the mayor of Greater Manchester and a former Labour MP, will provide guest analysis alongside the former leader of the Scottish Conservatives Baroness Ruth Davidson.

Burley, who will be covering her twelfth UK general election, will also be joined by Beth Rigby, and Sir Trevor Phillips.

Making use of the studio’s expansive arena-shaped space, data and economics editor Ed Conway will examine the live data on the massive canvas of an LED floor and walls, giving pioneering election analysis that will dig into the facts and figures.

From 7am on the morning after the nationwide voting, Sophy Ridge will be live from Westminster bringing viewers every development as the election result is absorbed and plans for the next government are made.

Ridge will be joined by Sam Coates and Sky News contributor Adam Boulton across what will be an historic day, as the nation awaits the next Prime Minister.

Thursday 4th July

Sky News Leaders’ Special event 

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has agreed to travel to key target town Grimsby to answer voters’ questions in a Sky News special event.  Negotiations are ongoing with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to attend.

More details shared soon.

All programming available to watch on YouTube, via the Sky News website and App and on the following TV channels: Freeview 233, Sky 501, Virgin 603, BT 313


Electoral Dysfunction 

Listeners will be able to get their fix of the hit podcast fronted by Beth Rigby, Jess Phillips and Ruth Davidson every Thursday throughout the campaign period, with a special edition on July 5th as the results are absorbed.

Beth and Ruth will be joined by a roster of special guests in the weeks ahead of polling day, while Jess focuses on the Labour campaign.

Politics at Jack and Sam’s 

Let Sam Coates and Politico’s Jack Blanchard give you the gossip on the day ahead as the pair’s successful podcast Politics at Jack and Sam’s, goes daily for the campaign.

Every morning Monday-Friday, listeners can get the inside track on what’s expected that day from two of Westminster’s best-connected journalists.

Sky News Daily

The flagship podcast hosted by Niall Paterson continues to go in-depth on the big stories of the day and will cover the twists and turns of the race for number 10.

Sky News podcasts are available for free, wherever you get your podcasts

Special features

Bench across Britain

The general election is an invitation to fill the parliamentary benches with a new crop of MPs. But before that happens, Sky News is taking the opportunity of them being empty for once, to hear the unmediated voice of the people. Home Editor Jason Farrell will travel across the country with a parliamentary bench, inviting people to sit and talk about the issues that are uppermost in their minds. He will focus on the places and people often left out of standard election coverage, and in doing so paint a map – literally and metaphorically – of the vast challenges in an ever-changing Britain

Available across Sky News channels over the campaign period



Sky News is teaming up with leading pollsters YouGov, to provide several opinion polls including an exclusive weekly voting intention poll.

The collaboration also features a Voters Panel made up of 40 members of the public who will provide their views on the big issues and key moments throughout the campaign, right up to polling day. Laura Bundock will gather their videos and share them with Sky News readers and viewers – and feed them back to the parties trying to win their votes.

Plus, targeted polls will underpin series of reports from Sky’s People and Politics correspondent Nick Martin, who will speak to voters across the country about the issues that matter most to them.

Online Election

Most people will encounter the election campaign predominantly online, whether in their social feeds, through targeted adverts, via email, on search or on news apps. So for the first time anywhere Sky News has appointed an Online Campaign correspondent. Tom Cheshire will cover every aspect of the campaign as it develops online, treating the battle online with the same rigour as the traditional TV and ground campaigns.

Central to that will be a collaboration with Who Targets Me and Professor Kate Dommett of Sheffield University, to provide unrivalled insight and analysis of how the political parties are prosecuting their online campaigns, and how the public is getting those messages.

Campaign Check

Ed Conway and Tom Clarke will be analysing the claims of politicians and their parties across the campaign, using data to test what’s being said. From stump speeches to manifestos, throwaway comments to policy promises they’ll scrutinise all the big claims to help Sky News consumers get the full story, first.

Available across Sky News channels over the campaign period

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