Women’s Esports initiative launches as first-of-its-kind in the UK

Sky Broadband is launching a series of women’s tournaments in partnership with Guild Esports

Wednesday 10 April 2024

A £50,000 prize fund to be split between Racers and Soccer Eseries tournaments, and ultimate winners of the Women’s Esports Final

  • Sky Broadband has announced a first-of-its-kind women’s esports initiative in partnership with Guild Esports
  • The initiative aims to promote more diversity in the world of gaming as research shows only 5% of esports pros are women1, despite 47%2 of UK gamers being women
  • The series of tournaments, involving Racers and Soccer Eseries games, offer the chance to win professional contracts including elite training and free Sky Broadband for 18 months
  • The initiative will kick off on the 26th April, culminating in the Women’s Esports Finals which will take place later this year at Sky headquarters in London

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A women’s only esports initiative has been announced today as the first-of-its-kind in the UK, in a bid to improve diversity and inclusion in the gaming world.

The series of tournaments, kicking off in April, provide a platform for talented women gamers to showcase their skills. It is the first women’s esports tournament to award professional contracts as well as cash prizes to winners. This follows research that revealed out of all esports pros, only 5% are women despite women making up 47% of all gamers in the UK.

The women’s esports initiative is being brought to life by Sky Broadband in partnership with the Guild Esports company, co-owned by football legend David Beckham. Both Sky Broadband and Guild share the mission to create a more inclusive esports industry.

The initiative is made up of two tournaments: Racers Eseries, a SIM racing-based competition, and the Soccer Eseries, an esports football tournament, culminating in the Women’s Esports Finals. With a total prize pot of £50,000 split between the tournaments, all competitors at the Women’s Esports Finals will receive a cash prize, with the two ultimate winners of the Racers Eseries and Soccer Eseries also awarded a pro contract each and free Sky Broadband for 18 months.

  • Racers Eseries – taking place from the 26th April to 19th May in person and online: SIM racing-based competition – ten gamers will make it through to the Women’s Esports Finals
  • Soccer Eseries – date to be announced later this year: an esports football tournament, the top four gamers will make it through to the Women’s Esports Finals
  • Women’s Esports Finals – date to be announced later this year: The UK’s first-of-its-kind Women’s Esports Final hosted LIVE and streamed from Sky headquarters

As part of the coveted esports pro contracts, winners will receive bootcamp training, access to top-class facilities and experts including nutritionists to help them keep at the top of their game.

Those looking to take part in the tournaments can visit https://www.sky.com/broadband/gaming for more information on how to sign up. Entrants must be 18 or over and UK residents.

Sky Broadband is the official partner of Guild Esports, and powers the Sky Guild Gaming Centre with its superfast speed and reliability. It is kick starting the series of tournaments and supporting the Esports company in their shared mission to make the industry inclusive and equal for all.

Amber Pine, MD, Sky Connectivity said: “At Sky Broadband we’re committed to powering the gaming community, and we want to help ensure it’s an equal playing field for all. We’re creating new, safe and equal opportunities for woman gamers, working with Guild Esports for the past two years to achieve this ambition. This first-of-its-kind initiative opens up new avenues to help women go pro, with contracts and cash prizes up for grabs.”

Despite the growing popularity of esports and large prize funds, research by Bryter revealed over half (56%) of women feel that there is a great lack of women gamers in esports, and similarly 54% agree that the gaming community isn’t doing enough to encourage women gamers.

However, the report also found that 36% of women gamers would consider entering an esports tournament.

Ruby Allenby, Fortnite pro esports player and the first gamer to graduate from the Guild’s Academy, said:“It's about time we level the playing field and get more talented gamers who are women into the spotlight. This initiative is a great way to make gaming more inclusive and show everyone what we've got. I can't wait to watch the event, cheer on the competitors, and see some real game-changers in action!”

Jasmine Skee, CEO of Guild Esports added:“With women representing 47% of all gamers in the UK, it's high time we create opportunities for talented women gamers to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level. We look forward to witnessing gaming enthusiasts across the country and beyond taking part in this unique opportunity.”

The launch of the UK’s first-of-its-kind women’s esports initiative forms part of wider activity by Sky Broadband to make the industry inclusive and equal for all. Last year partnering with Guild Esports and charity Cybersmile on a campaign, #NoRoomForAbuse, to address the abuse women face when gaming online, revealing that almost half (49%) of women in the UK have faced abuse with 80% of those revealing messages had been of a sexual nature.

For more information, please visit: sky.uk: https://www.sky.com/broadband/gaming

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2 Video gamers in the United Kingdom 2023, by gender

Published by J. Clement, Aug 1, 2023

As of June 2023, approximately 47 percent of gaming audiences in the United Kingdom (UK) were female, with the other 53 percent being male. In 2022, there were approximately 39.9 million gamers in the United Kingdom.