The programme/series will be assigned a Sky Marketing lead who will be in regular contact with you from the kick-off stage (or before if required) ongoing for the life of the programme/series. They, along with relevant retained creative and media agencies, will need access to the key cast, key production personnel, locations, footage and other appropriate production materials (e.g. title arts & fonts). To best support the promotion of the programme/series, your Marketing contact will require the following:

1) Full series and character overview, bibles, episode guides/synopses, tonal references, music references, and the state of title art development. Your marketing lead will discuss title art development with you and offer the services of Sky Creative

2) Synopses approved to be public-facing at short length(200 characters max including spaces), medium (1,000 characters max with spacing) and long (no character limit)

3) Access to the latest information/status of production regularly for purposes of campaign development

4) Access to locations, studios, talent, wardrobes, props etc. upon request

5) A studio stills and motion shoot for cast members and presenters over 1 or 2 days at Sky’s expense. This needs to be built into the production window before production wraps to avoid loss of access to cast and crew

6) Programme/episodic stills as per your production agreement, please contact your productions executive if you need further clarification. These may be used for interim key art to promote the series following cast approval (if required)

7) Access to rushes and footage as and when available. Please see the Promo requirements section for more detail. This access may be requested to produce trails (including first looks) and for usage in compilation spots with footage of other Sky shows

8) Clarity on where the responsibility of EPK and behind the scenes will sit if not led by Sky, with contacts provided

9) Cast and presenters may have a marketing clause written into their contracts. It is essential that talent contracts go through your Sky Legal representative to understand restrictions that could impact the marketing campaign

Our usual practice is to share master Marketing creative for approval only(hero key art, first look trailer and master launch trailer if different from the first look) and an overview of the marketing strategy. Further use of footage (including compilation/range trailers), the integration of ’a Sky original/Sky Originals’ branding, and imagery are subject to Sky’s discretion with consideration of contractual obligations. If this causes any concern, please get in touch with your relevant Marketing contact.