Our leadership | Sarah Varetto

Sarah Varetto

Executive Vice President Communications, Inclusion & Bigger Picture

Varetto started her professional career in 1992 as editor and host at the local TV channel GRP (Giornale Radiotelevisivo Piemonte) and started serving also as executive in 2001.

She has won many awards including the Premio Casalegno giovani, the Premiolino and the Premio Marisa Bellisario

From 1998 she worked for the magazine Italia Maastrict on air on RAI3. In 2000 she was senior-author of the magazine Pianeta Economia, a RaiNews 24 and International Herald Tribune TV co-production. In the same year she was appointed managing editor of Miaeconomia, the web site dedicated to economy and personal finance which she had founded with Alan Friedman

From 2002 she served as editor-in-chief of the masthead Miaeconomia.com and managed the web site as well as tv programs and communication projects for companies and institutions. Varetto was also senior author and host of the economy magazine Miaeconomia on air on La7 on Saturdays and Sundays that then became a daily magazine.

In 2002 she was author and host of the magazine I nostri soldi on air on RAI in 2002

She joined Sky in 2007 as author and host of the magazine Sky TG24 Economia and managing editor of the financial editorial staff.

From July 2011 to December 2018 she served as Director of Sky TG 24, Sky’s all-news channel and then served as Vice President News at Sky Italia until January 2019 when she was appointed EVP News Projects Development, Continental Europe di Sky and Project Leader of the Project Inclusion.

She currently holds the role of Executive Vice President Communications, Inclusion & Bigger Picture of Sky Italia.