Using Our Voice

Using Our Voice

We’re taking the steps we need to take, to work towards a net zero carbon world. And we’re going further. We’ll use the power of our voice to call for change. We’ll spread the word through our channels and shows, inspiring as many people as we can to join us and #GoZero.

For the world to transition to a low carbon future, a systems change is needed and everyone needs to play their part. That’s why we’ll:

  • Use our TV channels and shows to raise awareness and inspire people to #GoZero.
    We have a strong heritage of environmental campaigning, from Sky Rainforest Rescue to Sky Ocean Rescue, and huge reach across Europe. We’ll inspire change through high-impact news coverage, documentaries and other programming.

  • Advocate for greater action from policy makers to address the climate emergency.
    We’ll call on business to define net zero pathways ahead of COP26. We’ll work with policymakers to create a supportive environment that allows businesses to meet ambitious carbon targets.

  • Call for business collaboration.
    We’ll start working more closely on a net zero carbon future with our 11,000 suppliers and through our wider partnerships with Business in The Community, WWF, and the UK Future Industrial Resource Efficiency Strategy and UN Global Compact. Because we believe it’s possible to #GoZero by 2030.

Only a wave of action by business, governments and individuals will solve the climate crisis. Our ambitious public target allows our business and suppliers to align behind the same goal. But more than that, we hope it can inspire others, creating a ripple effect that helps to catalyse the change the world needs.

To meet our net zero carbon ambitions, it is crucial that we apply a common science-based approach. As a participant of the UN Global Compact, we are proud to support the Business Ambition for 1.5°C.

We will track the impact we have, by engaging with business leaders and policy makers on climate change action. It is not always possible to capture all areas of influence, but we aim to report on the more formal ways in which we engage and share, and see change happen.