Working with us

The Sky Entertainment Production Team negotiates budgets and (short form) contracts for all original productions. We work closely with the commissioning teams and production companies to ensure delivery of the highest quality programming at all levels.

The Production Team act as the main point of contact for production companies in all matters relating to the production process. Assisting to resolve any issues that may arise be they financial, insurance, talent, archive, compliance, legal, delivery, scheduling or music.

Information & templates

For help and advice please click on the links below. Even if you have worked with Sky before please review these documents to keep up to date with changes to our requirements.

Production documentation

Here you will find a range of important production information including music guidelines, contract templates and post production queries.

    Editorial specification

    To be submitted with budget and schedule:

      Technical specifications

      These documents contain the technical production information for high definition and standard definition content.

      Budget templates


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      Health & safety

      For additional information on your legal duties go to the HSE website.


      Sky is committed to ensuring that its productions and workforce reflect the diversity of modern Britain. Whether viewed from the perspective of age, gender, race, disability or sexuality (or combinations of those factors), there is evidence that some groups are consistently under-represented.

      One way we will address this, will be increasing diversity across all our productions. In connection with this, we want to give particular focus to how people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds are portrayed on screen, involved in productions and contribute as writers. Bringing about effective change is a challenge without easy solutions; but it is a challenge, which with your help, we are ready to take on.

      While this is really important to us, we need to ensure by doing this we don't discriminate, so we've drafted up the guidelines below to help you with this.

      Sky is also a participant in Diamond which is a diversity monitoring initiative set up by the Creative Diversity Network to monitor the diversity of individuals participating in productions both on and off screen in the UK. The Diamond modules are held within silvermouse. Your production co-ordinator will provide you with details of how to obtain a login to Silvermouse and a user guide is available to download above. Please complete the contributors form, the Diversity Actual Form and Diversity Perceived form. Further details can be found on the CDN website and the Sky Production Pack (above).