What it means to work with Sky

At Sky, we recognise that that working with the best suppliers gives us strategic, financial and operational advantage and reduce the risks to our business.

Our international Procurement team works closely with our stakeholders across the business and our partners to inspire innovation in products and services. We embed high ethical standards and engage our supply chains in creating a sustainable future.

As a supplier we ask you to work closely with Sky to provide:

  • Products and services that are fit for purpose.
  • Products and services that offer the best total cost to Sky.
  • Products and services that are delivered according to specifications.
  • Products and services that are generated in compliance with laws and regulations of the applicable country and compliance with the Code of Conduct, which we share with our parent Company Comcast, and Sky’s supporting ethical and environmental policies.
  • Supplier relationships that will continually meet the aspirations of Sky’s business, working with us to develop and evolve products and services.

Partnering with Sky

We love partnering with amazing brands as there are huge opportunities when we work together. We aim to work with partners who share our ethical standards, as outlined in our Code of Conduct, which we share with our parent Company, Comcast.

Sky's Supplier Standards

Purchasing and invoicing

To ensure standardisation, all suppliers are required to receive purchase orders via their account in our designated online web portal. In addition, if applicable, suppliers are required to submit electronic invoices by return using the same online system.

Sky's Standard Terms and Conditions

Sky's Supplier Security Standards

Sky’s Standard Contractual Clauses – Controller-Controller

Sky’s Standard Contractual Clauses – Controller-Processor

Sky’s Standard Contractual Clauses – Processor-Processor

Key contacts

For enquiries regarding payment, please contact Sky Accounts Payable at

For technical enquiries, please contact the Sky Ariba Help Desk at